White Papers

Centralize with IP Networks: Cameras, Storage and Servers


Consolidate surveillance resources on your existing IP network to simplify storage management, add cameras on the fly, and enable diskless video servers.

High-Definition Data Protection for Reliable Storage Systems


Improving redundancy for all tiers of storage requires a multi-pronged approach combining RAID protection, disk monitoring technologies, careful resource and allocation planning, and advanced integration testing.

LockSmart Technology Benefits


LockSmart Technology adds kernel level security to protect your networked storage systems from worms, viruses, hackers, intrusions and unauthorized code. The LockSmart solution is seamless and requires no overhead offering revolutionary layers of protection to storage appliances.

DynamiX CFS Clustered File System


High-Performance Clustered File System Designed For Networked Storage Implementations For Simplified Storage Provisionsing And Managment

RAID Certification


DNF’s extensive certification process eliminates drives not optimized for RAID arrays offering improved reliability and application specific performance.

SSD Application Brief – Oracle Databases


FlexStor-SSD maximizes the ROI of the Oracle environment by increasing performance of existing infrastructure up to 600%, and eliminating the need to upgrade, replace or add servers.

DNF Security

DNF Security is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. headquartered in the heart of Sillicon Valley, CA.

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