Security Camera

Security Camera

A Security Camera is a monitoring device, which is used for security surveillance purposes. The main reason, for a security camera deployment is that, it protects movable and immovable property of an individual or a group and is also purposefully used to protect human lives and properties.

While going for a security camera, one needs to evaluate all the applications, which work well with the security camera and then need to sort out the best which suits the purpose. Depending on the surveillance needs of an enterprise, the security camera availability can vary.

Security camera selection relies on the work functions like, whether the security camera will be used inside or out, during the day or night and in some cases on both times. Since, black & white cameras are available for low cost, most of them used to go for their deployment. But as color cameras offer higher resolution and offer more benefits, they have almost replaced the black & white cameras in the surveillance field.

Security Camera deployment purpose

Security Cameras are being used as weapons to curb terrorism and crime around the world and so they are being manufactured as per the usage of the users on a global note.

Security cameras are available in multiple models in the video surveillance market. But the model selection of a monitoring camera depends on the purpose of its deployment. Traditionally, they are six purposes which are explained below:

  • CCTV Security Camera – Generally, CCTV security cameras are utilized, in integration with the Closed Circuit Security Systems. In order to offer convenience to the consumers, the security surveillance equipment offering vendors are offering surveillance cameras along with DVRS as a package for better convenience. CCTV surveillance equipment is used for larger enterprise surveillance activities, as there is multiple number of cameras and recording equipment to manage. In this CCTV surveillance, the deployment of DVR is essential as it can carry on with monitoring of live content and can also record footage to an off-site video storage via internet connectivity. All CCTV cameras are weather proof and feature motion detection, have infrared imaging and are assured with day/night image capturing facility. All are configured via video management software which is also called as security surveillance software.
  • Spy Cameras – The name of the spy cameras suggests their purpose of use, as they are also called as disguised cameras, which can be utilized in places that are unlikely to draw attention. These cameras are equipped with features and offer crisp & clear images which can also record videos and images at night time, when the light is low. Motion detection activation serves well the surveillance purpose, as this feature saves a lot of storage space on the device, when there is zero activity. Some Spy cameras shown in ‘James Bond’ movies have the ability to transfer video surveillance activities to centralized storages and monitoring areas through wireless transmissions.
  • Self Contained Security Cameras – Self Contained security cameras are usually deployed, where the facility to store videos or images is unavailable. Self Contained security cameras come with a decentralized storage, where the storage media is placed inside the Security camera gadget. This facilitates all recording to be done to the inbuilt storage, say a memory card. Mainly self contained security cameras are used for In-vehicle surveillance in school buses, public transport, heavy vehicles which transport highly secure containers and so on…. With the motion detection recording feature, one can feel satisfied as it ensures that long hours of recording on non- activity gets eliminated. Moreover, retrieval of data at any time for viewing purpose will makes things easier to manage.
  • Wireless Security Camera – These cameras are mainly used, when the camera has to be partially concealed or when the deploying user needs wire free installation of surveillance gadgets. As there is ease in working and deployment of wireless security cameras, they are being utilized on large scale, despite the fact that they are bit expensive. From day to day, there are many technological leaps and bounds and so vast improvement of having cutting edge new features in the manufacturing and design of wireless security cameras is taking place.
  • Home Security Camera – as the demand for home security is growing from day to day, due to immense competition among the vendors the prices of the security cameras meant for home surveillance have dropped immensely. With the deployment of home security cameras, the user can gain benefits such as monitoring the surveillance of entire through TV, Mobile or through PC. However, this depends on the model of the camera selected.
  • Out Door Cameras – Out Door cameras are installed, where surveillance is needed in public places, educational institutions, on highways, fuel stations, government premises and public transport offices. This facilitates surveillance activities and can curb crime from taking place. Most of the outdoor cameras meant for monitoring are coming with vandalism proof and are also available with sun shade covers, to protect the equipment from sunlight during the daytime. Most of the out door cameras are weather proof, waterproof plus also hammer proof and so are permanently isolated from vandalism. Since, outdoor cameras support infrared activity; they offer surveillance in darkness as well.

No matter, what the purpose of the security camera is, the camera will surely serve as a video evidence for illegal activities, vandalism and can prove invaluable in the court of law. Moreover, as the society is getting used to the presence of security cameras, the technology is being embraced on a positive note.

Security Camera Models

Security Cameras are obtainable in different models as per the need of the consumer and the models which are available are mentioned below:

  • Dome Cameras – Security surveillance can be remarkably carried out through dome cameras. The security cameras are installed inside a dome and so they are called dome cameras. The dome camera offers round the clock surveillance and can be installed in the premises. As they are installed in premises, where minimal aesthetic intrusion is offered, they are apt for the surveillance of hotels, offices, public areas and in retail sector. Usually dome cameras are equipped with high resolution and have optimum scanning and excellent focus features.
  • Bullet Cameras – Bullet cameras are apt for day/night surveillance as they offer sharp color images during day and B/W images during night time. They are weather proof and vandalism proof and can detect tampering activities like spraying paint, redirection, blockage; and have the ability to immediately alert the surveillance administrator. Bullet cameras are nowadays offered with chipsets which present 420TV lines.
  • Infrared Cameras – One of the models offered in the security camera business are Infrared cameras, which offer focus free viewing plus are full automatic and light in weight. They have a thermal imaging system which is ideal for applications not only pertaining to surveillance but also security, law enforcement and military. These cameras are generally deployed in industries to detect over-heating and cooling of systems and are less used in surveillance related to humans. They are mostly used in forests by biologists and forest guards, to detect motion of poachers, who carry on hunting of animals at night time.
  • C-Mount Cameras – C-Mount cameras are apt for indoor surveillance where CCTV applications are used in abundance. C- Mount cameras are used in imagery and video analytics as well. Since their style of shell facilitates bigger circuitry and can adapt to any kind of environmental light conditions, they are best for CCTV monitoring.
  • Day/Night Cameras – Nowadays, all surveillance cameras are coming up with day/night feature. Since, they offer high image quality in low light conditions; they are seen as the best elucidation for outdoor monitoring like in driveways, building entryways and also in corridors.
  • PTZ Cameras – PTZ cameras are referred to security cameras, which have the ability of panning, tilting and zooming. These cameras can be moved from right to left and can move up and down, through computer, DVR or joystick control. PTZ cameras are apt to identify some criminals face, license plates, cash registers and so on.. And can be installed in indoors, outdoors and can be operated via Internet Protocol. So, these PTZ cameras are also identified as IP cameras.

Nowadays, every country is supporting security surveillance legally and so most of the vendors offering security cameras are offering these gadgets at competitive prices. But this technology is such that the more you invest; the more you get and so before buying a security camera, evaluate your enterprise or home needs.

Buying tips for Security Camera

There are numerous Security camera vendors available in the market and offer the equipment as per the investment and demand. Before going for the purchase for your office or home, it is better if one keeps in the mind, these factors, which can be helpful.

  • First off all consider the duration of surveillance and the area which has to be covered, while going for a security camera purchase. Camera models vary in between commercial and domestic use and outdoor and indoor surveillance.
  • Before purchasing a security camera, one needs to carefully note the resolution offered by the camera. To determine the resolution, one needs to check the TV lines in the picture. The greater are the TV lines; the better will be the captured image resolution. The greater is the resolution of the camera, the best is the resolution.
  • Usually surveillance cameras use two types of technologies to produce images which are Charge Couple Device and the second one is CMOS. CMOS offers better quality of images and is usually small and inexpensive. But CCD chip technology based cameras are excellent for monitoring footage. The chip size varies in between half inch, 1/3 inch and ¼ inch. The larger the chip size, the better will be the image quality. But CCD technology based cameras are pricey and are chosen for high end surveillance activities like in military.
  • While going for a security camera, one needs to evaluate its lens, as it plays a vital role in determining the image quality and the angle in which the images are viewed. Surveillance cameras use two kinds of lenses like Varifocal and Monofocal. The focal length is fixed in monofocal lens, but in varifocal lenses the focal length can be adjusted. The use of Manual IRIS offers manual setting of the camera as per the light conditions. Auto IRIS facilitates automatic adjustment of lens as per varying light conditions.
  • The location of the security camera must also be judged perfectly as the area of the security camera placement along with recorder, offers easy identification of a person or an object of suspicion.
  • Budget of the surveillance camera will also play an influential role, while shopping for a security camera. The golden rule is that, “What you get depends on what you sow” i.e. the more you invest the better quality security camera will be available.

Some people usually deploy dummy cameras which work as “scarecrows” to drive away thieves and this is to save cost, but to create an illusion that the area is being monitored.

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