IP Camera Storage

IP Camera Storage

Digitalization has revolutionized the way Security Surveillance footage is collected and utilized. Previously, surveillance related cameras used to record the events on a VHS and were used to store the surveillance data. With the invention of IP cameras and related technology, the surveillance related equipment got revamped as per the needs of the surveillance fields. Many better ways of storing digital video data were devised and are being used.

With the federation of digital video recording systems with internet connectivity, home and business surveillance have gone to a whole new level. Moreover, with the availability of Ethernet technology, the transmission of surveillance related videos has become easy and flexible.

Usually surveillance data storage is done by digital video conversion technique. In this method, the data is converted into digital format such as MPEG 4 and is stored on a DVR abbreviated as Digital Video Recorder. When the Internet protocol support is rendered to this storage, then the data can be stored online, which acts as a back up during disaster recovery.

IP Camera Storage benefits

  • The flexibility offered by IP camera storage are many as it facilitates viewing, configuring, data accessing and manipulating, all via the web browser of a system or a smart phone.
  • With the network camera and its related storage, the security surveillance of a location can be managed in a better way. The monitoring of an event can be done, from anywhere and the captured video data can be stored on a video storage, which can be on-site or off the site and sometimes on the cloud.
  • With Internet backed smart phone technology, video surveillance related footage can be accessed from IP camera storage. This makes things easy for people, as they can keep an eye on home and business, via a smart phone and can access live coverage of videos and also stored video surveillance content through related applications.
  • IP camera storage can also act as video evidence, as it can offer the support for criminal investigations and can help in solving the cases on a speedy note.

IP Camera Storage Calculator

While planning for a video surveillance system installation with an IP Camera Storage, one needs to first check out for surveillance needs of an enterprise, which can be done through a reliable IP Camera storage calculator. Nowadays, many IP camera and video surveillance storage vendors are offering it as a free application, which can help out the users to know about the amount of storage volume bandwidth required for a video surveillance system.

Most of the IP camera storage calculators offer common features such as Server space requirement, network bandwidth, surveillance cameras count, video codec selection, data compression level and the time required for storing the video data.

Based on these inputs, the IP camera storage calculator will compute the requirements and will send the information via a text SMS or an email. With the help of this tool benefits can be reaped by installers, salespeople, manufactures apart from the users.

The IP camera storage also depends on factors such as frame size of each image. So, while installing a video surveillance system, one also needs to keep a tab on the frame size for each image and also the compression technique of each image, which will reduce the storage space.

Additionally, factors like amount of frames per second to be recorded, length of time to archive the videos, recording configuration based on motion detection of specific hours of recording and the number of security cameras involved in the surveillance activity will be crucial.

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