Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics

Video Surveillance industry is witnessing immense transformation from time to time and is being utilized to stop crime and terrorist activities to a large extent. Supporting it is the use of video analysis technology which is also growing rapidly in the surveillance market. This technology has proved as indispensable factor in supporting high security projects and is also becoming increasingly popular in commercial jobs for a wide range of applications like outdoor protection, customer service measurements, people counting, crowd monitoring and other such solutions.

Also known as Intelligent Video Surveillance, Video analytics is used to analyze video feeds and alert security personnel when an emergency arises. As the name suggests, the analysis of video surveillance footage, obtained from a surveillance camera is done through intelligent software. Nowadays, most of the IP cameras are uploaded with inbuilt software, which can perform analyses in real time and one of the common forms of Video analysis is motion detection.

Network cameras capture videos in digital format and the duty of the video analytic software is to examine images not just frame by frame but by pixel by pixel. It is a known fact that a pixel is the basic unit of data info contained in a digitized image or video. It is similar to the atom or a god particle in a cell equivalent to the simplest form of digitized Image or video.

It is a fact that, what appears to be a minor change in a full image might be a major one to a group of pixels from the video analytics software point of view. By catching the slightest change in the sent information, video analytics software can make a note of an image difference taking place from frame to frame.

Intelligent Video analytics software works good where high resolution images are available. So, the higher the resolution in the video, the precise will be results of video analysis. This is technically perfect, as the higher the resolution is, the more number of pixels are captured and so more info can be gathered by the software.

Intelligent Video Analytics solutions vary

Pretty soon, we all will witness video products including embedded content analysis which will make video product intelligently smart. But the fact is that, there is no baseline of technical information to help compare available technologies. Most of the companies come up with grand claims, but in reality most of them fall short in performance.

Video analytics systems are based on three components

  • Motion detection and object segmentation – Through this component of video analysis, the video is processed in such a way that the background objects are separated. In order to achieve it, most processor intensive part of video analytics is accountable, which may take up 80 percent of computing resources. However, there is a broad assortment in how well dissimilar products fragment moving objects from the video.
  • Object Tracking – As the image is analyzed from frame to frame, through this feature the tracking of groups of pixels that are foreground object is possible. The main challenge lies in tracking this group of changing pixels.
  • Object Classification – through this function in Intelligent Video analytics the user can able to detect the type of object. If a group of pixels move across the scene, it is seen as a foreground object.


Judging video analytics software on these three steps will make the task simple, while selecting one for deployment in the security surveillance systems. There are advanced video analytics systems which offer services like tripwires, direction of travel, intrusion detection and so on. But the accuracy of systems cannot be dependent on the results offered with superior object classification.

Video Analytics solutions for Government

Security issues are prime concerns for all governments in the world and curbing the issues related to crime and terrorism are vital needs of stable governance. Video Analytics is a powerful tool which plays an important role in helping out all levels of government through video surveillance, which allows them in doing their job of securing their citizens and the public and private assets in a satisfactory way.

It is a known fact that areas such as airports, seaports, water & power utility installations, hospitals, educational institutions, museums, libraries, nuclear power plants are prone to terrorist attacks. Reliable video analytics technology software helps out in differentiating normal and suspicious behavior, by automatically notifying it to the first respondents or security personnel. If quick identification of potential treats is possible, through intelligent surveillance technology, then a lot can be stopped from occurring and hence the safety and security of the nation will be intact. This helps in improving and increasing the option of public safety, which will ensure smooth functioning of the government.

Video Analytics solutions for Retail sector

Well, there is no much difference in the deployment of video analytics in different fields, as the work function of it is same. This intelligent software offers solutions in retail sector by reducing shrinkage, increasing safety, improving customer service, ensuring proper compliance with employee procedures and so on.

With the features such as motion detection and object tracking the Video Analytics software offers isolation from shop lifting, robberies and other such crimes and also offers video evidence, in cases, where the legal claims arise.

Video Analytics solutions for Enterprise sector

Monitoring of employees in an enterprise is acceptable in most of the countries as per law. In order to make the employee and the employer feel safe in their work environments, security surveillance is deployed. To keep a tab on the employee activities and to safeguard the equipment, premises and the assets of an enterprise, video surveillance related analytics acts as the best practice.

Video Analytics solutions for Home

Nowadays, due to increasing number of crime in homes, there has been increase in the deployment of video surveillance technology. If this surveillance is backed up by video analytic software, then the crimes such as child abuse, elderly abuse, home robberies and trespassing can be eliminated.

Intelligent Video Analytics benefits

Video Analytics is security surveillance related technology, which offers immense benefits by the video analysis of video feeds and alerting about any suspicious activity to the related personnel. Here are the benefits offered by Intelligent Video Analytics.

  • Video Analytics achieves in-depth analysis – Intelligent and Advanced video analytics network camera software offers deep analysis of video feeds, which is almost impossible to be recognized by human eyes. This is possible, as the software not only looks at the image but also analyzes the image down to pixel format. So, the slightest change can be traced out and tracked down.
  • Automated video monitoring is achieved in Real Time – All the video monitoring takes place in real time and so there is incredible accuracy of video data with no time lag. Moreover, the software is always running behind and so there is no need of manually operating it.
  • Video analytics decreases cost of labor – with the presence of video analytics there is a decrease in labor as well. The computer keeps an eye on the whole surveillance area and so the need for number of surveillance administrators can be eliminated. Instead, more focus can be kept on the ground staff, who can shield from potential threats on first hand basis.
  • Motion detection and object recognition – with the features such as motion detection and object recognition available in programmable fashion, the deployment of analytics in retail sector makes utmost sense. Immediate alerts and notifications can be made, which can reduce any sort of crime by almost 80%.
  • Installation ease – with the incredible network camera software, one can easily install the intelligent video analytics software with ease. There is no need of high level expertise in order to assist in this issue. As development is taking place in this field, more simple to install and use VA software’s are being offered.

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