Bandwidth & Storage Optimization in IP Video Surveillance Industry



The bandwidth challenge is represented over time because it has increased from the early days of video surveillance to current day and into the future. But what we see with our challenges to bandwidth is increases in camera counts.

The other part of bandwidth challenge is increases in resolution. We have gone from 480p resolution to 720p resolution to 1080p resolution and now we have high resolution of 4k and above.

Bandwidth and Storage Challenges in Video Surveillance Industry

Another challenge to the IP video surveillance bandwidth equation is the increase in storage requirements. Storage sizes have gone from Gig storage to terabyte to 10 terabyte to 100 terabyte and now we’re even seeing petabyte systems. The only thing that has occurred in this timeframe to help offset the bandwidth is reduction or improvement using compression technologies.

Compression technologies early were JPEG, which migrated to motion JPEG, wavelet, H.264 and now we’re seeing the release of cameras equipped with H.265 technology. The compression technology has improved for compressing surveillance videos, making bandwidth smaller.

However we also have increases on cameras, resolution and storage. This results in if we complete this equation in bandwidth requirements continuing to go up in cameras. What is also increasing with this increase in bandwidth is storage quantity – The requirements for more storage. 100 Gig was pretty standard then one terabyte, 10 terabyte and again moving into systems now we’re starting to see with petabyte. We see that the IP video surveillance industry has a bandwidth challenge. Your bandwidth is increasing.

Enhancing Bandwidth and Storage Requirement Utilization for IP Video Surveillance Industry

DNF security introduces the Falcon series of video storage appliances that can be integrated with cloud-connection. The DNF Cloud connection is a platform for storing security surveillance videos as per the data storage capacity you need. This cloud connection solution directly correlates into reduction of storage costs, saving you money spent on storage hardware and you don’t sacrifice any image quality.

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