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Law enforcement organizations (and partners who manage CJI) are taking advantage of AWS services, using DNFSecurity’s products, to improve the security and protection of CJI data. DNFSecurity and AWS offers advanced security services such as activity logging, encryption of data in motion and at rest, comprehensive key management and protection, and integrated permission management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Criminal Justice Information (CJI)?

CJI means FBI JS-provided data needed for law enforcement agencies to perform their mission and enforce the laws, such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information), biometric, identity history etc. CJI also refers to data essential for civil agencies to perform their mission, plus, data used to make hiring conclusions.

Can DNFSecurity and AWS be used for CJIS data?

Yes, the combination of DNFSecurity and AWS ensure compliance to CJIS policies. DNFSecurity’s appliances and AWS cloud infrastructure have been architecture to be flexible and secure environments. Customers can securely store their data in DNFSecurity’s appliances and use secure data transmission technology to migrate the data to the cloud.

Are there other customers using DNFSecurity’s appliances and AWS services for CJIS data?

Of course, DNFSecurity has been providing services to the industry for decades and has set the standard for enterprise level services. Our partnership with AWS ensures that IP video surveillance storage remains compliant when the data is migrated from DNFSecurity’s appliances to the cloud.

Our experts are constantly working to ensure that data is secure within the appliance, while its transmitted and after transmission. This makes DNFSecurity the trusted vendor for customers around the globe.